Check Out How To Activate Your Own 1.5GB Glo Data For Free

hello guys it has been long i came up! with a article or post like this! any way back as always am going to start giving you guys the latest technology update etc today is all about how to get glo 1.5gb for free

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free glo 1.5gb so talking about glo this network is really cool am so much in love with it.

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Glo is giving out massive gigs like never before they are on a package called “Oga Data Sim” this package is the best you don’t have to tweak or do anything to get your free glo 1.5gb

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How To Activate The Free Glo 1.5GB

below are the requirement on what you need to do to start enjoying it too

  1. Buy a glo sim click Here to get details on how to get a glo sim or if you have any you can use it
  2. Buy a credit card of 500 or 1000
  3. And use it to subscriber for data you we be giving free Glo 1.5GB
  4. That is all


I don’t really know if it select sim that’s why I make a statement that if “you have any you can use it too” so never the less don’t stay a the black side subscriber to our site to always get any of our latest article thanks

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