Getting a working U.S.A number to use on Whatsapp has been a great deal for most of us but the tutorial that follow will make it easy .
Going straight to the point ….

Step 1:
Download voxox for IOS or Android
Here. Register with your local number and email

Step 2:
As you have registered for the app to more at the top right side in the app .
You will see your U.S.A number as voxox number, write it somewhere or keep it I your head.

Step 3:
At this point you just have to open whatsapp go to setting>>account>>change number.
Tap on the next at the top right corner and place your old number and new number ( this method will make the change in all the Whatsapp groups you are already in and will push your old number out of Whatsapp …. use the next one if you don’t what this )

if you are not interested in the above step follow this
Uninstall you Whatsapp and reinstall again but while registering use the USA number instead of your local number and wait for your authentication code which is supposed to be automatic .

If it does not happen automatic but instead takes too long to arrive, request for call verification but instead of waiting for the call put in the code from the message in voxox which Whatsapp sent into the code space in Whatsapp …. this will verify the number hence you get to USA number on Whatsapp in your country.

If you have tried all this method and it didnt work, you can contact us to help you out via the picture below

it’s helpful?

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