Top Five Apps You Should Have On Your Phone As A Blogger

Early this year I came true lot of Apps that can help Bloggers for them day To day activities, so after my research I come up with Top Five Apps You Should Download As A Blogger, this is useful and it is also cool as an Android Application, this apps that is about to be listed here in is base on educating and growing your knowledge and make things easy for you to do, so let’s get straight to the point

Top Five Apps You Should Download As A Blogger


1.WordPress App

This App is base for WordPress users, he put the power of publishing in your hand, making it easy to create and edit content, easy and fast true your mobile Phone and publishe to your website. so before checking the next app below download this app and start publishing to the globe.

2.Blogger App

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

All Blogspot Users also need this, to draft post and edit contents, this app is also good for it size of application is so small and have great feature, so quickly check the app and start publishing with your smartphone.

3.W3 Offline FullTutorial

W3 Offline FullTutorial is an App created by the developer to teach individual how to’s and how to become a pro programmer, it has all the programming language you need. Eg  (HTML,PHP,JavaScript,CSS) this App will teach you everything you need to know for beginner to pro levels, so do yourself a favour to check out this wonderful App.

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4.Solo Learn

SoloLearn: Learn to Code for Free
SoloLearn: Learn to Code for Free

Are you and upcoming programmer and you have been looking for a App that will guide you true, Solo Learn is the best App dedication to do that, also this app have won an award for it educating tip to grow individual on what one love doing, also this App have (Quiz) question and answer, to grow your programming language with the nice tutorial, I know you won’t take time to download the App and start growing your knowledge.


5.QuickEdit Text Editor

QuickEdit Text Editor
QuickEdit Text Editor
Developer: Rhythm Software
Price: Free

Have you ever run in this issue where your PC/Desktop get broken, and you want to edit XML file, and you are like what will”l do now?, stop asking because the solution is here, with QuickEdit Apk you will be able to edit and write code with it, it has all the necessary thing needed, but the only disadvantage is that the App has (Free And Paid) any way you can try the free and if you like it and it help you a lot you can go for paid version.


So this is the Top Five Apps You Should Download As A Blogger, you can now improve your knowlage as a blogger, so do yourself a favour to download all the Apps that i have listed here in , and thank us later Note: all the Apps have direct link to Play Store, if this article was helpful kindly let’s know via the comment box below


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