Why Should You Make Use of Social Media As Target Traffic To Your Website

Social Media

Social Media have gone a long way, they are lot of  “Social Media ” platform to get quick and fast traffic which is organic to your website “not bot traffic” so that’s why I come up with this article, Social Media Platform is grate, so today I’ll tell you best tip you will follow to get huge audience true it.

and how to use them to satisfy your needs,

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Content: List Of What We Are Going To  Discuss

  • Make Sure Your SEO is properly Setup
  • Share Your Blog Article To Online Forum
  • Popular Social Media: Facebook,Twitter,Yahoo, E.t.c

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, But SEO take like 4 to 6 months to complete all indexing, and they are also some procedure one have to take for proper SEO Setup, this are some guide.

  1. Back link
  2. Off Page SEO
  3. On Page SEO
  4. Guest Post

This are the guide one have to follow for proper and fast SEO indexing.

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 What Is An Online Forum?

Online Forum is a group of people, or lemme say is a “Community” where people from different country come to one big community called online Forum, where each person share what they are good at, how can you use this online forum to generate organic traffic to your website? Is easy and simple, just write a short line of your post to the forum to attract each of the Person reading the article, put the link below so they will be able to read more about the post/article, so that way you have drive the traffic for the online Forum to your website.

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So that’s the simple method to get organic traffic from online Forum.


Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter

really play a major role in share your content for other people to see and read, here are the tip you need to start getting huge traffic from Facebook.


This Social Media is the best of all in the sense that, they are lot of people using facebook so sharing a unique article there using this two step to start getting huge traffic with facebook Social Media

  • Run Facebook Ads (Which is Paid)
  • Share Your Content In Groups (Which Is Free)

Facebook Ads:

Facebook come with a new features called (Facebook Ads) you must have a page to run it, they accept (Master Card, Visa Card, etc) with this you can just run promotion to promote your site by paying small amount of money.

Share To Groups

this method can also fetch traffic to your website, but it’s not so cool like the (Facebook Ads) anyway it’s free which make it so cool. Facebook have bot that detect if one is spamming with his or her link, for that you can post link two article per day, that will be ok you we abide by the rules so you won’t get your  URL/domain ban by Facebook.

Google Plus



Organic traffic is the best one need to have in his/her website, so when trying to look for ways to get traffic after reading this article you we know that (Social Media) is the best place to share your content.

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